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Underfloor heating

Made-to-measure projects and personalised on-site attention for underfloor heating and cooling. All the components. Ideal for renewable energies. Lurbero is our brand name.

Solar orkli

Continuous development of renewable energies. Manufacture of environment-friendly components for solar heating installations.

Heating and DHW

Leaders in manufacture of components for heating and domestic hot water (DHW), underfloor heating and cooling, and solar heating installations. All the air conditioning and home comfort components.

Thermoelectric safety

Advanced technology and own design. Customer-focused innovation for manufacturing processes, logistics and products. World leaders in thermocouples, magnetic units, ignition systems and actuators.

Water heating

Development and manufacture of hydraulic solutions for the water generation sector. Components for gas and electric water heaters and boilers. Continuous innovation and personalised design to cater for each customer’s needs.
The Chinese National Components Association visits Orkli Kunshan
Orkli Kunshan granted customer awards in China
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